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with the business wing deciding they wanted one of their own to be president, mitt romney, with the evangelicals deciding to legislate on morals, contraception and abortion, doing that very aggressively after 2010. and then with the tea party saying no, we're going to impose small-government austerity on the rest of the country. all three collapsed in this election in 2012. and now they've got to decide which of them is strong enough to survive. now, my personal theory is that the business wing was always the strongest wing and will be the surviving wing. you can hear that in this talk of loosening immigration. i think they're the ones who are going to try to assert themselves, but that's across purposes with the tea party wing that is dead set against immigration. so they're all cross-purposes. >> don't trust the good will of the business community. and by the way, the labor unions ought to be jumping out there organizing everybody comes into the country legal or not. secondly, the business community doesn't want real immigration. >> they want low wages. >> they want to get them in here as fast
they saw the disastrous results with mitt romney. i think it was very interesting that hannity said that. what's interesting to me is the blood lining that's going on as to who's to blame. i think a lot of people think we have to do something. we have to figure this one out. >> so is this acourse correction by the people on the right who spout off for a living? we're accustomed certainly to politicians who bob and weave and move toward the center after a primary and so forth. it seems to me some of the pun dids are doing that as well. >> they are and they like to win and when they lose they have to assist, lessons learned. it was interesting that he said, maybe we should tax millionaires. >> also if year a pundit, i mean if you're going to get attention you need to say something is that's a little counterintuitive. it's a natural progression. >> maybe it's a volume here for people like crystal and hannity and crown hammer and others. they may be engage nds a spin anyway. we haven't heard a public word from mitt romney. he has vanished from the stage. other republicans are beating up on h
the last week of campaigning before election day. coverage of mitt romney on the other hand, mostly negative, 33% that same week. so, should this be a big thank you to the media for his reelection? >> no, i mean, i think he would have lost the election because of their get out the vote things as well. >> you're talking about romney. >> that's right, but if you look at the media's coverage and the pew people have said that they thought it was that reporters were paying attention to the polls. well, you know what? reporters unless they're reporting on a poll should not be paying attention to polls he when they write their story and be aware of any unconscious bias. >> jon: somehow, i suspect, jim, you're not surprised by the numbers from pew. >> no i'm not and i've cited before evan thomas saying it could be 15 points in an election and amended that to say 5 points. even 5 points covers a potential romney victory, however, i must say that the romney post election period has been kind of a tailspin for him, not just the comments about gifts and so on, but the thriving subculture orca,
times the president turns to mitt romney and said do the arithmetic. how in the world are you going to reduce deducts and generate enough revenue for meaningful deficit reduction? he could never answer the question because there is no reasonable answer to it. let the rates go up to 39. let us also take a look at the deductions. let's make sure that revenue is an integral part of deficit reduction and from my side of the table bring entitlement reform into the conversation, social security, set aside. doesn't add to the deficit. but whether it comes to medicare and medicaid protect the integrity of the program but give it sol venzke for more and more years. >> let me ask you about the fallout on the u.s. consulate and u.s. ambassador susan rice. you've been critical of her and for the first time she respon d ed. take a look. >> when discussing our facilities in benghazi shgs i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answer. >>
to be pay-per-view events. last week between governor romney and a president. you will enjoy that one. [laughter] to make between congressman paul ryan and the vice president joe biden should be fun. and an coulter reverses will be goldberg. i have to say that would be extremely wrong cited because there would have to stop every response just like last night. the it team a factor aside is she is courageous. truly courageous and is willing to use her satirical highlights for issues of the day describes itself as the polemicist to likes to stir the pot and does not pretend to be impartial or about list. her background has prepared her well as a lawyer and graduated with honors from cornell, graduate of michigan and what school and author of eight new times bestsellers the ladies of the few are the only ones that have not read your book. and "mugged" racial demagoguery from the seventies to obama" i encourage your ready-to-eat it. i felt so on burgeoned and liberated i will get his rid of those bottled words. >> lazy, angry, constitution, e xperienced, holding down the fort, peanut butte
him and mitt romney but a choice between different ideology, different approaches to government, between different sets of visions and values. everything he did that timeframe can he kept trying to gather to this big idea he had about a choice. when i wrote the book of course we didn't know how things would end up on november 6, 2012, but i look at how he developed his governing strategy and his electoral strategy, and it really culminated in november. so this is the back story to what happened in this presidential campaign. >> we are here at the national press club. >> from the fourth annual boston book festival a panel entitled "what's next for women?" featuring anita hill, hanna rosin and madeleine kunin. this is about an hour. >> good morning, everyone. such a pleasure to see you all here at what is absolutely one of my favorite events in the city every year, the boston book festival. my name is meghna chakrabarti. i cohost radio boston on wbur. [applause] >> thank you very much. first and foremost if you don't listen to the show i will give a famous pluck him 3 p.m. monday
again. neil: do you think, and this is mentioned by mitt romney a lot. you know that you are going to do things differently? dubai that? >> evebody talks about reducing taxes because they want more capital to grow their business. but it's also regulations. businesses are confronted at the township and city level. >> here in chicago, you need 161 licenses to open up the business. >> if you open up a job shop, you have to have a license to give them a bath. it's ridiculous. why can't we consolidate some of these things and reduce the bureaucracy? it isn't about the people collecting anything but a paycheck. neil: they must realize that the more they push this, the more it it endangers the economy and their very jobs are online. >> you would think so, when you? there is a lot of evidence that says those people inside the beltway are living in a bubble. washington dc is the only city in the united states that has had taken continuous growthh >> what about when gas comes down? >> you have a gas situation where you have $4000 and their wages have only gone up about 1%. was coming up, where is
romney winds and on monday one calls china a currency -- what are you going to do low-cost if brett romney on that date one calls them a currency manipulator? bill would send these notes out say we are a bigger china basher than romney. it was a real issue during the debate. do you remember them talking about china? it has disappeared. to come back to michael's initiative, but we are talking about china. we're talking about people coming along. this is really the opening of former for us with a washington acadia's forum, but we got into a discussion about china. bono said we were not careful that they would end next the continent of africa. there is so much strategic interest in america is largely absent which brahma's this back. if we get this stuff right, will list just make us feel good, or do you actually gained ground in a competitive environment against china? >> we absolutely gain ground. we have real strengths in america. we have strikes in all the things they died for. on real climate, as in technology and, dynamism in this country with a lot of strength. we have allowed a
here in the table mitt romney, his father when he came here from mexico. he got that exact kind of government aid and he turned out to be predent of one of the nation's biggest autocompanis and became governor of the state of the michigan. >> my dear friend rick unger has to be brought up to date. he didn't get them. it is supplement security income and that is it free money from the government. this is in addition to medicaid and to food stamps it is a $1,000 a month you get. it is it a lot of new stuff. this by the way w started under richard nixon and meant for blind and handicapped people. and i have to be kind to my friend rick since he beat me out of a starbucks coffe but that said, we have become dependent on government. $3900 20 years ago was the average entitlement spending per person and adjusted for inflation tt is it 70 percent increase. we have become a nation dependent on government hand outs and how can we n expect immigrants from saying i want mine, too. >> it is insulting to taxpayers and immigrants who come here looking for work and not hand outs . can't blame
victory. we know how romney has taken defeat-- not very well. and he is grousing. what has obama learned? how is he going to say, "we're going to fix some of these things, not just play politics? >> schieffer: well, doris, you lived with lincoln for a long, long time when you wrote this book. you got to know a lot about him. now you've been working with the folks who made this movie. what are the lessons for barack obama from abraham lincoln? >> i think the most important less offense the movie ill straights by getting the passage of the 13th amendment through a really fraction congress, you do everything you can. he said i'm closed with immense power. you get me those votes. that means assignments. jobs. it means looking to the history of the person, making them want to feel better that they've done something important, low-level stuff. it's messy. it's compromising. it doesn't look pretty but it gets the job done. i think that's the same thing l.b.j. did did. if l.b.j. were there now trying to get the fiscal cliff, they would be sleeping in the white house. mcconnell would be in one ro
that we have over the past five years. in california in may, mitt romney said, quote, the president doesn't understand when you invest like that in one solar energy company makes it harder for solar technology generally because the scores from the ranch partners in the field suddenly lost their opportunity to get capital. who wants to put money into a solar company when the government puts half a billion into one of its choice? excellent question. i wrote this book because were not just spending half a billion. we are spending $12 billion year-to-date electricity more expensive rather than cheaper. that's about six elion and tax breaks and 6 billion in direct expenditures. we are pursuing a vision of green jobs that makes no sense and has low income americans. we brainwash our children to think green is good and think uncritically about green products and green jobs. yet we can't even define what a green job aids. let's start with green jobs. the bureau of labor statistics has five definitions of the 3.1 million green jobs is calculated, namely energy from renewable sources, energy effici
house was finding a way to get rid of ray. nixon's housing sector was a fellow named george romney whose son mitt romney has been in the news lately. his dad complained that ray was not being very cooperative. he seem to think he could run fannie mae any way he saw fit. there was also talk that ray might use fannie mae postage or letterhead to raise money for democratic candidates. the white house was getting complaints from republican lawyers in south carolina that democratic lawyers were getting all fannie mae work related foreclosures, all those fees. well, within nine months of taking office, nixon fired ray lapin as president of fannie mae without giving any public explanation. ray lapin resisted. he fulminated to the press nixon western fannie mae into what he called a patronage putting. try to try to get a restraining order from a federal judge. the judge wouldn't budge. but ray kept showing up for work anyway. [laughter] at one point the lights went out at fannie mae's offices, and the phone lines went dead. some people interpreted this as a subtle message from the nixon white ho
, it will not happen. >> paul: remember that? president obama in the third debate with mitt romney promising to sequester those across the board cuts to spending to kick in january 1st will not happen. and to avoid the fiscal cliff, sequestration is on the table, and some think-- and okay, james, so, 500 billion dollars in defense already built in to cut. then sequester would cut another 500 billion over ten years, and why should republicans go along with that? >> because, this is really their only leverage on president obama, and i think that as congressman jordan has said, the only thing worse than a defense cut is no cut at all. what you get with the sequester is defense, but also cuts in the social-- >> another 500 billion dollars in domestic discretionary, too. >> right, and it adds up to about 100 billion in 2013. i think you will find that president obama will go a long way to avoid those roughly 44 billion in cuts this year, to social programs and i think if you want to get a deal out of him with meaningful reform on spending or tacks, this is, this is the key leverage point and if i
care. they would have done it had mitt romney been elected and they can't do that. boehner has said repealing it entirely is a moot issue. but getting some concessions is probably the way to do it. in part because there are democrats who agree that changes should be made and even the president has said that it's not a perfect law. do the math. deduct it a little bit or make changes to republican care. you've got the workings of a grand compromise and everyone can walk away a winner by saying, look, we changed obama care, we're going to pay down the debt. who loses in that situation? certainly on the fringes people would say it's a bad deal but pretty much both parties could walk away and say we compromised and we fixed it. >> you want to write that up and send it up to the hill there? the other hot topic on "meet the press," the gaubenghazi attack t killed the ambassador chris stevens. >> susan rice is obligated to do more than look at a three-sentence unclassified or five-classified unclassified talking points. she had access to all of the sensitive top secret classified informatio
if you look at what they have said on this issue, both obama and romney's plans are vague. if i were moderating the debate that is coming october 3rd, i would spend about half of it asking them what would you do specifically. give us the diagnosis of the plan -- [applause] and tell us what you're really going to do. and part of that question is there has to be a willingness to compromise, and there has to be an innate willingness to do things that are painful for your side. i'm going to stop there, and we'll do questions. one more story. remember years ago the head of simon & schuster after i had published one of my books took me to dinner in new york city at one of these restaurants where you would never want to go where you have to pay. [laughter] and he said what's your next book going to be about in and i said, oh, well, i haven't decided. i'm going to do some thinking, some reading, some research. and he looked at me and said, what? i said, yeah, i want to do thinking, reading, reporting, weighing the alternatives, and he said why are you going to waste your time? [laughter] i s
, i was part of the romney administration, secretary of economic development, was understand that boston is doing tremendously well economically, but if we wanted to turn around, um, the pioneer valley or southeastern massachusetts, we had to turn around the fates of springfield and fall river and lowell and lawrence. and in order to do that, it wasn't plopping down a single courthouse. >> that's right. >> that wasn't going to fix it. it wasn't going to be building a new walled convention center that had its back to the city. the only way you can transform a city is with a strategy that builds on the city's assets, that tightly weaves people together around our educational assets, our human assets, our community-based organizations, our old industrial assets and some of the new skills that are spinning off of them. and until you knit those pieces together and can find the new narrative lines that come out of that, you know, that the old, you know, this is a providence and fall river example, the old jewelry business, those little, fine skills of making costume jewelry are phe
. to me, the real danger is if the romney gets elected, they might actually do what they say they might do. >> that is remarkable feature of the political environment pitcher best hope is one of the candidates is that line carries teeth. >> we sit now in what feels like prolonged stagnation. joe, you've written a book on inequality. this could not be a positive development for the distribution proceeds to have the called the reserve army of the unemployed driving wages down, weakening the bargaining power. >> inequality has become a serious problem in the united states. it is interesting while polls are arguing in a good a long time, it gotten so serious that even economists realize it's a serious problem. when they say serious problem coming got to believe it. not our colleagues. but the magazine's economists. >> it's my job to take them on. you guys take on the magazine. one of the reasons that it weakens the economy, you know, paul emphasized the problem right now is lots of demand, lack of total demand that means people are not buying as many goods in the economy and capacity to produc
house was finding a way to get rid of ray. nixon's housing secretary was a fellow named george romney. who's son mitt has been in the news lately. mitt's day complained that ray was not being very cooperative. he seemed to think he could run it any way saw he fit. there was talk that ray may have used fannie mae postage or letter head to raise money for the democratic candidates. and the white house was gets complaints from the republican lawyers in south carolina that democratic lawyers were getting all fannie mae work related to foreclosures. all the fees. within nine months nixon fired him as fannie mae without giving any public explanation. he resisted. he full min nate to the press that nixon was turning fannie mae in to a patronage put pudding. he tried to get a restraining order from the federal judge. the judge wouldn't budge. ray kept showing up for work anyway. at one point, the lights went out and the phone lines went dead. some people interpreted this as a subtle message from the nixon white house. [laughter] finally he gave up and walked away. nixon appointed a new presid
do in a campaign. >> host: well, let's start with campaign cover. start with the media. mitt romney, 47%, and barack obama cling to guns. what was the media coverage like on those events? >> guest: this morning, i just ran the 47%, and i asked two questions. one is how much depth does it get? how many media outlets cover the story? what's the shelf like? last a day, a week, or a month? the guns was a relatively short, a three week kind of a life. big peak, talked about that a lot. romney at 47%, we have not seen the end of that, obviously, but it's been a month now. now, the stories drop off, but they get dragged back in either be opponents or dragged in by events. i'm sure that as we come now to the presidential debates, they say, well, i wonder if he'll respond to that and ask a question about that. of course, the issue is, in my mind, which of the gaffes are ones to pay attention to? do they represent a true character flaw? do they represent an incapacity to ask the way we'd like to have them act? are they just the normal things? we all make mistakes. if it happened, had them han
, small businesses, small businesses. >> governor romney talks about small businesses, small businesses. >> we hear a lot of talk about small businesses. especially during presidential campaigns. and today president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. the truth is though, small businesses need a lot more attention than just one day a year. but on this day, the mom and pop stores will get all the attention they can get. cbs 5 reporter don knapp has more on the big small saturday, don? >> reporter: yeah, you know in the big stores offer the spectacular discounts or allegedly spectacular discounts, small businesses feel like they're just outcompeted. they say they have to offer their customers something else. for them, it isn't all about the discount. between black friday, which the year got a head start with thanksgiving thursday sales and before cyber monday comes still another campaign to get customers into stores. small business saturday. why? >> it means a lot because these days we get lost in the shuffle to some degree especially with the online presen
the champion, small business. small businesses. >> governor romney talks about small businesses, small businesses, small businesses. >> we hear a lot about small businesses, especially during presidential campaigns. and today, president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. >>> the truth is, though, small businesses need a lot more attention than just one day a year, but on this day, the mom- and-pop stores will take all the attention they can get. here's more on the big small saturday. >> reporter: if things went as well this year for many small businesses as they did last year, well, then, small businesses did okay. of course, that's the idea between small business saturday. between black friday which this year got a head start with thanksgiving sales and before cyber monday comes still another campaign. small business saturday. why? >> it means a lot, because these days we get lost in the shuffle to some degree, especially with the online presence and so on. >> reporter: generally small businesses can't complete with big business discounts. there are ot
information. >> and detectives phone number and one said romney motorcade which seemed important to people on the ground that there was some sort of top secret information coming from that so they think this came from the nassau county police department and raises questions how they got into the wrong hands and why they were raining down on parade goers. >> dave: here is one of the parade goers. >> you picked up a handful and started going through it, and noticed more social security numbers and there are more addresses, phone numbers. >> nice. >> dave: yeah, and so one guy and a friend who had some confetti on his jacket and swept it off and realized that there was indeed a social security number on there. i don't know if anyone is at risk here or our security is at risk. look if you're a police officer and it identifies who you are, just a random social security number in and of itself isn't a new jersey r huge concern without a name to go with it, but-- >>. >> alisyn: sure, but a random phone number you could dial that right up and make whatever prank call you want to that person. >> cl
definition he is modal and he has been filtered for four years but mitt romney, was the extreme or filtered? >> guest: clearly unfiltered. one term as governor of massachusetts. in historical perspective not a lot of time in politics. had he won the presidency would have been second only to wilson and arguably grover cleveland depending on how you look at it in terms of the shortness of his political career before he became president. >> host: okay, listen. thank you. this is a fascinating book and it looks at a lot of stuff that you know but tells you stuff you don't know about it. thank you very much. >> guest: thank you very much. .. [applause] >> they give you very much to the fashion institute of technology for hosting this event and also i am very excited to see two people who are unquestionably the most exciting economist in the world today. [applause] in addition to the most reference and both nobel laureates i have to say from the vantage point* of economic thinking that if i were to nominate two people to be the most courageous economists, they would be mine. [applause
deductions, basically what mitt romney was proposing, which made a lot of sense, i think for most folks, get this done, and, then, sa all right, now what will you do? you will still be left, if you roll all of that up, you are still going to be left with a huge hole called the deficit and it will have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> so, even if we increase the tax rates, as you noted, by the way, the top 1% in this country makes 17% of the income, and pay 37% of the taxes. i mean, so, the fair share argument really isn't -- >> up against a hard out here, and i'm going to ask you to give us your last thought here. >> mr. president, please, please, work with the business community. we want you to succeed. but, you are putting impediments in our way that make it impossible. we want you to succeed, we want to succeed. work with us. please work with us. >> andy puzder, thanks for being with us. european nations on the wrong side of the fiscal cliff but the president says america can steer clear. >> president barack obama: i believe it is solvable and my budget, frankly does it and i don't
funded so much into romney. he was where obama was at with the left wingers who funded him. i'm sure the coke brothers will talk wal-mart into not hiring anybody and then out source them. and then they come together in the middle. >> i will side with the coke brothers because they are american. everyone knows it is the hang gave yen doctrine to destroy america. doing it from within. >> you took my talking point. >> i am sitting in bowling seats. >> you were grimacing. >> this is not about billionaire versus billionaire. >> it is always billionaire versus billionaire! >> he was the one encouraging the wal-mart workers to join this union and wal-mart is the largest employer and one of the biggest companies. it is important because they moved out their date to before the end of the year. you don't have to pay the taxes, and that is significant. it will save you a lot of money. they are the biggest hirers. >> i follow that. they hire a lot of people. >> and wal-mart has a bad reputation. they always blow them off. they were so big and powerful. that's really what it is. >> they want it u
by a single republican candidates for president in the 21st century. both bush, mccain, and romney -- none of them took the position. that says that if those in the tea party and the far right have not been infiltrated the mainstream thinking in the republican party. >> that goes back to what dr. fauntroy talked about in his opening remarks and talking about education as an investment. >> i want to pick up on the point regarding speaker boehner. he may be the most important person in all of these conversations. the house needs to get to 218. we talk about these broad bipartisan approaches. the reality is, they need to get to 218. we went through it with the affordable care act. it is numbers. it is math. we know that going back almost 20 years when newt gingrich became speaker, the house has generally run like this. no bill that cannot get a majority of the majority will cede the floor of the house. -- see the floor of the house. if they decide she has a critical mass in his caucus to put a bill in place that will settle this stuff and get us to move onto other issues, we will get a bill p
information of livers and even -- of police officers and mitt romney's motorcade. they appear to have been shredded horizontally instead of vertically allowing lines of text to be read. >>> people in greece are under arrest with a brazen robbery of the olympia museum. >> thieves overpowered a guard and made off with 70 artifacts. one of the men was arrested after trying to sell an ancient ring to an under cover officer. the items are scheduled to be rushed next week. >>> head of the irish tabloid has resigned after publishing photos of middleton sun bathing topless. the former editor of the paper said he decided to step down due to tensions with shareholders and he has been on leave since the pictures were published. >>> a south korean style gangnam style dance has become the most viewed video of all time. >> you tube said that video has been viewed at least 805 million times as of saturday afternoon and beats the record set by justin bieber's baby which just has 803 million views. >>> you clicked on it how many times. >> i may have clicked on it once possible someone's request. >> if you
in a debate with mitt romney, said he had said it was a terrorist attack. he hadn't. that night on "60 minutes" he said they didn't know what kind of attack it was and he continued -- >> chris: he said in an interview with 60 minutes. >> which we didn't see until after the election. i'm sure it was such an inconsequential statement it didn't deserve the attention of the american people. >> chris: one more aspect. house democratic leader james clyburn said lindsey graham and you have used racial codewords to go after susan rice. take a look. >> senator mccain called her incompetent but he told us sarah palin was a competent person. that should tell you about his judgment. >> your reaction. >> you can't dignify comments like that. i have noticed in this town f they can't win the argument on the merits, they resort to personal attacks. it goes with the territory. >> chris: would you agree to raise taxes as part of a solid compromise to avoid a fiscal cliff. >> i would opposed to raising tax rates but i believe we can close a lot of loopholes. we can do things to e-- in fact, two other things. one
romney did, they see the world from their perspective. they don't see the greater world being the numbers and population and the future. they are not prepared for it. they are hunkered down. israel cannot continue to be hunkered down and survive. they are going to be outnumbered. >> they have been outnumbered for a long time. there's fear that it is free and greater danger. >> iron dome was beautiful. it was president obama, the united states helped fund it. >> a missile defense, the rocket defense weapon system that was able to shoot down rockets. >> 85% accuracy at best. >> hold on. i want to talk about this and what the u.s. government can do to bring about a two-state solution, if that is the aim after this. think again. black friday prices are still here. instore and online, right now. where prices have been cut, chopped, and sanded... ...on the most powerful tools that cut... ...chop... ...and sand. so we, or somebody on our list, can do the same. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get a special buy on a ryobi 2 piece lithium ion kit for just $99. i heard y
to bring about some type of accord. is that netanyahu suffers from the same problem that romney did. they see the world only from their perspective. and it's from their view and they don't see the great earth world. the greater world being what's the numbers and the population and the future. they're not prepared for it they're hunkered down. and israel can't continue to be hunkered down and survive because they're going to be outnumbered by -- >> they've been outnumbered for a long time and there's a lot of fear that the tumult they bring is creating a greater danger. >> iron dome was beautiful. that was president obama and the united states helped fund the iron dome. >> a missile defense sort of rocket defense weapons system that was able to shoot down rockets that were incoming. >> 85% accuracy at best. >> i want to talk more about this and what the u.s. government can do to bring about a two-state solution if that is the stated aim after this. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. like the lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this w
've wanted to hear are border fence and deportation. that's why mitt romney activated a policy of self-deportation during the prisonal campaign. that's why he lost the spanish vote and asian vote to president obama by a landslide. president obama seems emboldened and the republicans chasened. so we have an opening for a deal. what should it look like? >> well, it should look like e bipartisan bond. that one did not even get to the floor of the house or senate for a vote. the right hated it because it provided a legal path for undocumented workers. the left because it reduced family unification and the unions opposed the temporary worker provisions. in an earlier era, the fact that the two wings of the party disliked the bill might actually have made passage easier because the passage was in the center. today it's shifted to the wings of the political parties who control their agendas. john mccain the original sponsor of the bill now denounces his own hanley work. will it's hope in the post election atmosphere this dynamic can change and mccain can proudly support his very own bill. l
song "born free" became the unofficial campaign anthem for mitt romney. born free ♪ i was born free >> reporter: and on his critically acclaimed new album, rebel soul his hometown pride is front and center. this is half time at the detroit lions game on thanksgiving day. you can probably guess this song's title. ♪ detroit, michigan >> reporter: are you going to put your seat belt on? >> we're not going far. reporter: driving around the city in his former police cruiser, you get the impression that he takes detroit's revitalization personally and that each new building is a victory. >> a lot of work to be done but there is work being done. it's not going to happen overnight. it's going to take some time. the fact that people are coming together and trying to get this back to what it once was, a great, viable city, that's what i like to see. >> reporter: he does more than just talk about it. this concert last spring was a benefit for the detroit symphony. only one of many charities he's raised money and written checks for. kid rock is a high-minded civic benefactor in a low-brow dis
it on there for positioning. but there is a problem there. the american people have had this debate. mitt romney maid the case that obamacare should be repealed and said it would be the first act. he made that case forcefully, in debates, ads, throughout the campaign. 40% of america greed with him. the mairment said, we agree with president obama. i think there may be some wiggle room, but the leadership's happening, it will get there. i understand why speaker boehner would have to do this. but as a serious maneuver, it doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction. >> i think what you have here is two fundamental, different degrees of thought on where we go. first, you know, republicans believe that the key to economic growth, of course, is to encourage incentives in the private sector. democrats believe that the government invests in and creates jobs. that's what they believe the government should do. even if you raise taxes on upper-income earners, bottom line is, how does that get us to reducing the deficit? and is that enough money to, you know, prohibit us from reaching the fiscal cliff? no! again, i
for the wealthy expire and they should expire. that has been litigated in the election in terms of what mr. romney's position was and what president obama's position was. the president has gotten the greatest voted total for reelection in -- of any president in history. he was saying we need a balanced approach. we are getting out of a recession. it is still a tenuous recovery. we need to invest in education, infrastructure and we need to find some revenues. that is part of the fight in washington in the next month. host: you believe the tax cuts should expire for the wealthiest americans. what would the impact be on the tax cuts expiring for middle- class americans and others? guest: this election was about how we recreate in a imagine the american dream for those who want to be in the middle class and those who want a broadens middle class. of course, it would hurt. that is part of the reason why they talk about it as sequestration and talk about it as a real deadline. we need to maintain the middle class tax breaks. we need to maintain a balanced approach. the labor movement is trying to push a
. >> this was the moment so lost in the debate. when mitt romney says okay, if we're going to have women working, then we need flex time. so they can go home and make dinner. no. but just before he said that horrible thing, he wasn't completely wrong about the need to start thinking in these more flexible ways in a variety of different job settings. >> low wage workers show they have the least flexibility. >> exactly. >> as we look at where jobs are occurring and how jobs are occurring, we're now on this 24/7 work cycle. women with small children who are working night shifts, it's hard enough to get daycare during the day. but if you're working the night shift and you don't have a family member to help take care of your children, in many locations it's literally impossible. >> approximate you're the walmart worker who has to go out on thursday night, thanksgiving night at 8:00 p.m. to start your shift for black friday and there were many, many women in those circumstances, where is your 6-year-old why doing that. >> why does being a woman mean insecurity in terms of finances? this is the state we're in.
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